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It is my goal to assist my patients in their return to health as comfortably and quickly as possible. I encourage education and active participation of my patients in their achieving and maintaining optimum health. 
--Dr. Lisa Devlin

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Lisa Devlin, DC, MS is an Activator Methods Chiropractic practitioner.  She has been in private practice in Mountain View, CA since 1993.  Three times voted the “Best Chiropractor in Mountain View” in 2005, 2006, and 2007, Dr. Devlin's mission is to assist her patients in their return to health as comfortably and quickly as possible. She encourages education and active participation of her patients in their achieving and maintaining optimum health. She explains to each patient what their condition is and the treatment procedure. If you have a question, she is always accessible via phone or email.

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What Others Are Saying Animal Testimonials

Since the 1960’s, I have been visiting Chiropractors because of a serious fall that injured my back.  It was chiropractors or surgery, and I am so thankful that I chose chiropractors.  Arthritis had set in the past decade or two, and my visits were more and more frequent.  In May of 2009, I went to the museum and had to use a wheel chair because I could not stand without severe back pain.  Then the early part of 2010, Dr Lisa acquired her laser equipment.  I started treatments on my back, foot, ankle – pretty much all of the areas I had had trouble with.  Oh, my, the difference is incredible.  The most wonderful part is that last Tuesday I went to the DeYoung Museum again and was able to walk the whole exhibit.  Granted, I had to sit a few times, but I did not need a wheel chair!  Halleluiah!  I would recommend to anyone in pain, at least give the laser treatments a try. 

My aging joints thank you and your laser treatments for the renewed usage of my knee and Achilles. I so enjoy the painlessness and treatment that does not require medication, YEAH!!! Who knew that I would not be limping up and down the court, and that my bruises are magically erased after seeing you!!?
I appreciate the newly added treatment and know that with my active and clumsy lifestyle I will be in to see you.

When I heard that Dr. Lisa had resolved my friend’s years-long muscle spasm I was skeptical!  But after decades of pain from my own back muscle spasm, I was willing to give it a shot.  I couldn’t be happier that I did!  I have never met a health care professional who cares more, and the resolution of both chronic issues and acute issues is nothing short of miraculous.  Whatever issues my friends have, I send them to Dr. Lisa with 100% confidence.  She’s the best!

After 30 years of chronic neck pain from a car accident I have tried everything from chiropractors to massage therapists and acupuncturists.  After only 4 treatments with Dr. Lisa I felt better than I had since I was a teenager!  After 8 treatments, the pain was gone. 

Just a quick note to thank you for laser treatment. This is the most amazing treatment I've ever received. After two adjustments on my hip and leg and very little resolution you suggested a laser treatment to relax the muscle causing the problem. After one four minute treatment I could walk again without pain. It worked so well that I went and played eighteen holes of golf the next day with no ill effects, no stiffening of the leg and no pain. The follow-up laser treatment the day following the golf outing has completely corrected the muscle tension that was not allowing my hip to return to it's proper position. Thinking back on some of the problems that I had prior to you getting the laser machine, I'm sure the treatment time could have been cut down dramatically. It is very nice to know that this type of treatment is available. Thank you for getting me back to normal in such a short time.

Dr. Devlin is the BEST! She has been treating my 22 year old horse for the past 3 months (3 adjustments) and he has gone from dead lame to sound. She has an incredible way of working with the horses, and they completely trust her and love being adjusted. She was able to diagnose and adjust my horse's pelvis, but also gave him a complete check and adjustment. Additionally, she offers laser treatments, to help heal old injuries.....and it has worked wonderfully. Dr. Devlin has always been quick to respond and prompt with her appointments. I will continue to have her adjust my old guy every month or two.

Dr Lisa is fantastic, her low force chiropractic works wonders with no cracking of bones. I have seen her on and off for a couple of years and she always gets me out of pain. I have chronic neck pain which will flair up if I do not do my exercises or overexert. She has now added a laser treatment for soft tissue repair. This has been wonderful for my right hip. Since I started running that hip has been giving me pain. With one laser treatment it healed in a week and I thought it would take at least a month. Thanks Dr. Lisa for all the good work.

Dr. Lisa Devlin is the best chiropractor in Mountain View! I highly recommend her. She does an activator technique; its gentle yet very effective. I have a hip flexor muscle, psoas, that troubles me and after one treatment with Dr. Lisa, my muscles do not hurt at all. I was amazed. I have been going to chiropractors for years and this is the very first time I feel that my hip flexors were taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Devlin.

Lisa is very personable and caring. She listens to her patients, friends and business associates, and is always willing to help out. I just love her!

The most knowledgeable health care professional that I have ever encountered in the entire Health Care industry. She thinks much more logically and with more in-depth knowledge than any MD that I have ever been a patient of.

Outstanding Chiropractor! Like no other! [and I've seen many over the past 60 years!] Dr. Devlin was just the one I needed when I was suddenly, unexpectedly laid up with sciatica - the conventional doctors merely prescribed pain pills - she analyzed what I needed and effectively made adjustments (without the old style "bone crunching")!!!

Dr. Devlin has relieved many of my aches and pains with her chiropractic care. I highly recommend her, especially for those who are reluctant to try chiropractic. She puts you at ease with her gentle, systematic, yet effective method.

Lisa is an awesome Chiropractor. I have recommended her to many people, both friends and colleagues. With my active lifestyle, working with her really helped my injuries to heal faster and kept me in good shape to stay active. Her manor is engaging and curious. She is also very flexible, when I've had to get in at the last minute, or needed attention quickly before leaving on business trips. Thanks, Lisa.

I have both used Lisa as for chiropractic services and referred my patients to her. In all instances I have good things to say about her and her work. She has a gentle technique, with an experienced and comprehensive approach. She is especially good with difficult cases as a result of her many years of practice.

Lisa has been a blessing. She's very professional, but also personable. She does what she can to help her clients, especially when in pain and in need of an adjustment immediately. She's gentle yet effective. I've been to many chiropractors over the years and she's by far the best.

Animal Testimonials

In 20 minutes, Dr. Lisa Devlin got my dog from "I'm in pain, don't make me move" to "I'm a puppy again, let's play!" (Ok...I'm providing the translation from "dog" at no charge. It's all about body language anyway, right)?
My Cockapoo (Max) hurt one of his rear legs jumping into a chair, and was hurting. He's normally playful and enthusiastic, but was barely moving and he'd whimper when he turned the leg wrong. I was referred to Lisa, and she had an opening that day.

Since animal chiropractors need to practice at a Vet's office in California, Lisa met me at Max's vet. Max wasn't moving well, was still in pain, and kind of dragged into the room with his head down. Lisa examined him, and quickly found where he needed adjustments (hip, leg, etc.) and where his muscles had tightened in response. She performed several low force adjustments, stretched the muscles that needed stretching (and showed me how to stretch them so I could keep them from tightening back up) and then had another look at Max. Better, but she noticed that his tail was still pointing to one side, and she made another adjustment.

Max turned into a puppy again on the spot, wagging his tail, lifting his head, and enthusiastically ready to play. Lisa also explained that while the human brain quickly recognizes when pain ends, dog's brains work differently, and that it might take 2 more days for him to trust that he's not hurting any more. She advised me not to run him for 2 days, and then to start him back slowly, increasing his activity as he trusted his leg. It's been 2 weeks and Max is better than ever. Dr. Lisa even followed up to see if Max's was doing well. I can't recommend Dr. Lisa highly enough. She's obviously a very knowledgeable and skilled pet chiropractor, and she's great to deal with!

Dr. Lisa Devlin, D.C., M.S.
1265 Montecito Ave., Ste. 105
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 650.428.0950

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